Florida Keys Bonefish Image Gallery

Pictures of Bonefish caught in or around the Florida Keys

Below are some images of various clients and friends with bonefish caught in the Upper Keys area on a fly. The conditions and locations (Key Largo, Tavernier, Plantation Key, etc) vary from keys in the back country to ocean side flats. As I have more time, and take more pictures, Ill keep adding them to this gallery.

upper key largo bone
Large Upper Keys Bone
tournament winning bonefish
Spring Fly Bonefish Tournament Winner
bonefishing in January
January Bonefishing
bonefish caught in January
First Bonefish of the New Year
keys november bonefish on a fly
November Bonefish
nice September bone
September Bonefish
releasing a good size onefish
Bonefish Release
holding an August bonefish
Nice August Bonefish
mason with a nice bonefish on spin rod
Nice July Bonefish on a Spin Rod
bone fish near ocean reef
Ocean Reef Bonefish.
image of bonefish caught in biscayne bay
Biscayne Bay Bonefish.
pic of march bonefish
March Bonefish.
image of bonefish caught in sands cut
Near Sands Cut Biscayne Bay.
pic of bonefish caught in winter
February Bonefish.
pic of key largo bonefish in November
Large Fall Key Largo Bonefish.
image of bone caught on a crab fly pattern
Bonefish on Crab Pattern
picture of a big islamorada bone
Nice Size Islamorada Bone
picture of caesar creek bank florida bonefish
1 of 3 caught fishing near Caesar Creek on a windy day
smaller bonefish picture
Mason with a Smaller Bone in Islamorada

2 thoughts on “Florida Keys Bonefish Image Gallery

    • Thats a tough question to answer because bonefish can be caught year round in the FL Keys. My favorite time to fish for them is September thru April.

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