Florida Keys Redfish Image Gallery

Redfish Pictures: Reds caught in the Upper Florida Keys

Redfish are plentiful in the back country of the Florida Keys. Below are some pictures of redfish caught by my clients near Islamorada, Key Largo, and Tavernier. Early morning hours can make for some excellent casting to tailing reds using an 8 or 9 weight fly rod. On windy or cloudy days, you can still spot these reds mudding and watch them follow a well presented fly.

First redfish on fly

Underwater Release

Light Tackle Redfish
wintertime redfish
Nice winter red!
redfish on fly rod
Big redfish on a fly rod!

Sight fishing for Reds in November!

Fishing for Redfish in the Keys
14 yr old catches a nice fish
September Redfish
11 yr old catches her first fish
First Redfish! (11 years old)
October redfish
Fall Redfish – October
August redfish
Back country red in August
Florida keys snook
One of two Snook caught that day
April redfish in Islamorada
April Red Islamorada
redfish on fly rod in march
Redfish on a Flyrod – Late March
pic of large red
A Nice Big Red
double reds
picture of seatrout
The Occasional Seatrout
image of client with red caught in march
March Redfish
photo of client with red caught in february
February Redfish
big red caught in January
Nice winter redfish
pic of Upper Keys redfish in October
Upper Keys Redfish in October
image of big red in Florida Bay
Nice Florida Bay Red
picture of redfish caught early morning
Early Morning Redfish on the Fly
landing a redfish
Landing a Red in the Back Country
searching for reds with the spin
Hunting for Reds with the Spin Rod
redfish with a fly rod
Holding a Fly Caught Redfish
27 inch redfish
27 Inch Redfish

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